Original Taste

Our journey began when Jon, an ambitious college kid, sought a healthy way to indulge his Shirley Temple craving. Jon remixed an American classic with a natural, refreshing soda made for the future, built on a foundation of organic ingredients that he could actually pronounce. Temple Twist meets the demands of a new generation looking to enjoy the thrill of sipping on a good soda without drinking unnecessary additives. Jon’s taste for fresh flavors and selective ingredients reflect the new socially and health conscious American community.


Organic Twist

Soda has a stigma. But Jon knew soda could be more than walls of artificial ingredients and mystery flavors. Until Temple Twist, soda drinkers had a tough choice: sodas with encyclopedia-level ingredient lists or tasteless natural drinks. Temple Twist fast forwards to the next milestone for soda: going certified organic – with fresh full flavor. Temple Twist goes down lighter than syrup-laden sodas but with a fizzy natural cherry flavor that beats health drinks any day.


Our Tastemaker

Jon Allen is a newly minted graduate of the Emerson College Class of 2014 and CEO of Temple Twist. Since placing first in Emerson’s yearlong entrepreneurship program and competition in 2013, he has converted his dream of bottling the nostalgia of a Shirley Temple with a fresh, bold flavor for a newly informed generation into a reality. ​


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